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The organization of ISCAS 2020 has paid keen attention to the implementation of a Technical Program attractive for Young Professionals and Early Stage Researchers. On the one hand, a carefully selected education program has been scheduled addressing timely and emerging topics within the scope of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. This program includes tutorials, mini-tutorials, and some 20 overview lectures delivered by top experts in their respective fields. On the other hand, specific events aiming to offer younger members guidance and advice in their careers have also been planned. In these events, experienced professionals in the field of Circuits and Systems will discuss with Young Professionals and Researchers relevant aspects such as entrepreneurship, career perspective in industry and academia, or publication advice.

Three activities, organized by and tailored specifically for CASS Young Professionals and Researchers, were planned: a mentoring luncheon and two panels. Due to the virtualization of ISCAS 2020, no mentoring luncheon will be held, however, the virtual platform offers several possibilities for networking and delegates are strongly encouraged to participate in these unsupervised forums. The two panels are still in place:

October 21, 17:15-18:15/ Virtual

IEEE Young Professionals Industry Networking Night & Panel Discussion

Speakers and panel members from microelectronics companies will discuss a range of topics, including previsions for tech-based industry, professional development, job opportunities, or start-up creations.

October 21, 18:30-19:30 / Virtual

A panel with the participation of Editors-in-Chief of IEEE/CASS Transactions on the topic “How to publish efficiently in the CASS Journals?” will be held on Wednesday, October 11.