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The final of the 4th CASS Student Design Competition (SDC) 2019-2020 will be held from 16:20 to 18:00 on Monday October 12 at Room España 2. A judging panel will evaluate the five finalist works and select the winner. The decision of the panel shall be final and the winner will be announced during the ISCAS Awards Ceremony.

Each team will have 5 minutes for explanations and 15 minutes for live demonstration, including Q&A. Only a desk, a power plug and a display stand will be provided. Each team is responsible for the transportation of its own equipment to the meeting site.

The final will be broadcasted by Facebook Live or a similar platform.

The demos of the participants in the CASS SDC 2020 will be also presented at the ISCAS 2020 demo sessions to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 13-14, at Room España 1. A presentation booth with table, chairs, plugs, and a poster board will be allocated per team in the Live Demonstration Area.

The CAS Society will cover the registration fees of at most 3 students per team. These students will also be provided with travel grants ($1,200 USD if they are from Region 8 and $1,700 USD for other regions). Students must be IEEE CASS Student Members. If teams are composed by more than 3 students, the extra costs should be afforded on their own budget. The team winning the final competition will be awarded a prize of $3,000 USD.

More details about the the competition and the official rules are reported here.

2020 CASS COVID-19 Special Student Design Competition

Along with the CASS Student Design Competition 2019-2020, the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) has also launched a special SDC, sponsored by Synopsys, which aims to create technology solutions aligned with Circuits and Systems to help break the chain of infection of the COVID-19 virus. The competition will take place as a virtual event and the winner will be announced on August 21, 2020 (see more details here).

The winning team will be invited to join the final phase of the CASS Student Design Competition 2019-2020 and present its work from 18:00 to 18:20 on Monday October 12 at Room España 2.

The CAS Society will provide a travel grant of $1,200 USD within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (Region 8) and $1,700 USD for the travel from other regions, and ISCAS registration fees, for a maximum of 3 team members, who must be IEEE CASS Student Members.